1. a) Corona viruses.  Corona viruses are common.  When we catch a cold, about 30% of the time it is caused          by a corona virus.

2. a) Have society isolate for a short period of time so the infections don’t happen all at once.

3. c) They do not reduce deaths any significant amount.
        According to researcher Michael Senger, the 50,000 scientists and doctors who have signed                              The Great Barrington Declaration, and American Frontline Doctors. Up until 2020, lockdowns were only          used in totalitarian regimes such as China and they did not work there. (American Institute of Economic Research

4. b) There are many prophylactics.  The following have been adopted by whole countries:

        Hydroxychloriquine, Ivermectin, coconut oil.  Countries that have a lot of coconut oil in their diet                      have very low death rates from covid.  Last August, while European countries were experiencing                      approximately 400 deaths/million, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Viet Nam, where coconut oil is the                          official treatment for covid,  had only 0.6, 0.8 & 0.4 deaths/million. . Vitamin D is also protective.


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VACCINES: To Get Jabbed or Not 

As you probably realise, there is a lot of controversy about vaccines and especially this new mRNA vaccine.  A little historical background will help.  In 1986, the pharmaceutical companies lobbied the American government for help with the vaccine situation.  So, many people were being injured by the vaccines that they were going broke paying for all the lawsuits.  They threatened to stop making vaccines unless the government would pass a law that would release them from any liability for injuries from vaccines.  So, President Reagan signed into effect The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.  This may have appeared to be a good solution at the time, but when any company is not made liable for the safety of their products, you know what happens.  Since then, the American government has covered the cost of those lawsuits and has paid out 4.5 billion dollars, and those lawsuits probably cover only about 1% of the vaccine injuries.

So, whenever anyone informed about the history of vaccines is asked to take a vaccine or give one to their child, they have to consider both the risks and the benefits.

Here are the factors to take into account:

  1. If the disease is deadly

  2. If there is no cure

  3. If the dangers of the vaccine are significantly less than the dangers from the disease 

  4. If vaccine immunity is as effective as natural immunity

  5. If the vaccine is tested and we know the risks of short and long term immunity

Look at the above list and consider if any of the above 5 factors apply in your situation.  For instance, look at #1.  If you are under 20, your risk of dying from covid is so minuscule (3 out of 100,000) that the disease is not at all deadly for you.  It is actually a benefit to contract the disease because it will strengthen your immune system.  It is like getting exercise for our immune system.  Yes, we can isolate people from exercise, but in the long run, they become weaker, not stronger.  

Also, look at #3.  These covid mRNA vaccines are experimental with no long term tests, but we know that the death rate of the covid vaccine is about 100 times greater than that of the flu vaccine and has a significant risk of causing long term serious auto-immune problems. (See vaccine page)    So, before letting yourself be jabbed consider that, at this time (March 2021), these vaccines:

  • are at an experimental stage

  • have already injured or killed thousands

  • have the potential to produce serious long term pathologies and

  • are unnecessary because we have safe and effective prophylactics and cures


So, do some research.  Here are three articles: Scroll down and click on Pathogenic Priming.  This website also has a host of well researched articles.

Sherri Penny Interview 

Dr. Mercola article  

Some other good sources of information about the pandemic:

World Doctors Alliance

Medic Debate

Remedy if you have taken the mRNA injection and have unwanted symptoms.

MY ADVICE: If you are concerned about covid, choose one of the many solutions we know is safe.


One of the most important ways to protect ourselves from any disease is to make sure that our immune system is working optimally.  First of all, if the immune system is low on nutrients it needs, the first thing to do is to provide it with those nutrients.  Four such nutrients are vitamins A, C, and D and zinc.  A second way to boost our immune system is with herbs such as oil of oregano, elderberry or echinacea.  There are many such natural immune boosters.  A good source on this is

There are many cures.  All of the prophylactics mentioned above also work as cures once you get the disease.  Anything that boosts the immune system will contribute to a cure.  The most effective cure is vitamin D.  If a person raises their vitamin D blood level to 40 dg/ml (by taking about 5,000 iu/day) their chance of surviving covid may increase 13 times.  Another powerful cure popular in Bolivia is chlorine dioxide.    For more on cures check out American Frontline Doctors.

o.1 microns


150 microns.  This means that we line up 1500 corona viruses end to end, they would be able to pass through the gaps in a medical mask.  The holes in cloth masks are even larger.  Let’s compare this with a screen to keep out mosquitoes.  If the virus was 2 mm across (the size of a mosquito), the gaps in the screen would be about 3 meters (10 ft.) across.

This question requires understanding the cycle of epidemics.  In simple terms, our goal is not to avoid the disease; our goal is to end the epidemic.  An epidemic ends when a large portion of the population has either died or has become immune to the disease.  We will not be able to avoid a virus indefinitely. So, answer a) is not practical, it doesn’t work.  We have proved it in the past year.  These lockdowns have done nothing to stop the spread. (See answer to question 3)  The correct answer is c).  Provide people protection and cures so that when people catch it, few die.  This is not the same as isolating people from the virus.  In the long run, that is impossible.  It is letting the disease run its cycle to the point of herd immunity.  That is how all epidemics come to an end.  However, rather than let the disease destroy people’s lives we provide them with protection by strengthening their immune system so that when they get the disease, they get over it and become immune without being harmed.  Catching the disease actually strengthens your immune system.  We need infections in order to strengthen our immune systems.  If they get seriously sick, we of course, provide a cure.  As we said in answer five, there are a number of cures available.