A Call to End the Epidemic

Ending an epidemic requires understanding the cycle of epidemics.

1. They usually begin in winter when:
    • People’s vitamin D levels are lowest, compromising their immune systems
    • People spend more time inside, in closer contact so the disease spreads more easily
    • The humidity inside is low, which allows viruses to spread more readily
    • People get less exercise making them more susceptible to disease
    • The lower levels of ultraviolet makes it easier for the virus to survive

2. It continues to spread throughout the population until late spring when:
    • Conditions become less favourable for the virus to survive and spread
    • After many generations of being passed on and duplicated by many different people, the virus usually mutates             into a form that is less dangerous (Corona viruses mutate quickly.)
    • People start building up vitamin D and their immune system becomes stronger


3. When 60-80% of the people are no longer susceptible to the virus (the point of herd immunity), the virus cannot find      enough susceptible bodies, and it dies off.
    • Usually this happens in the summer when the conditions are least favourable for the virus. 
    • If the virus is not sufficiently squelched in the summer, it may rebound in the fall and winter.


The CDC has given us the following picture of the Coronavirus Epidemic life-cycle.

Flatten curve.jpg

As the note above indicates, the objective is not to prevent infection but to delay the epidemic cycle. Preventing infection would not allow the population to reach the point of “herd immunity”. That would defeat our goal of ending the epidemic. The epidemic only ends when enough people have encountered and become immune to the virus. (at the right side of the two curves).


In their desire to prevent deaths, our leaders have forgotten that our goal is not to prevent infection but to end the epidemic—to allow the slope of the curve to naturally move down to zero.

Our medical leaders and our news outlets have been focusing on the number of infections as if that was the problem. No, the increase in infections is the solution. That is what creates the immunity that will end the epidemic. The way to end the epidemic is not to keep people from being infected. It is to allow enough people to get infected so that we develop herd immunity.


How, then, do we minimize deaths?


Three ways to minimize deaths:

  1. Strengthen people’s immune systems

  2. Find ways to treat people that contract the disease

  3. Give people and doctors the knowledge so they know what to do.


There are many ways to strengthen people’s immune systems:

  • A vaccine

    • Vaccines are problematic: According to the CDC, flu vaccines are 40-50% effective if they match the virus closely. Coronaviruses mutate quickly, so vaccines will quickly become ineffective. Vaccines are very expensive. Most vaccines have dangerous side effects that can be far worse than the disease.

  • Make sure our immune systems are not compromised.  

    • Get sufficient vitamin D.  (Over 50% of people have a compromised immune system because of                     low vitamin D, especially in winter​.  Raise your blood level to 40+ dc/ml by taking 5,000ui/day.

    • Supplement with Vitamin C, (500+mg/day) vitamin A and zinc (from a good quality multi)

    • Get enough sleep and exercise

  • Supplement with herbs that strengthen the immune system, echinacea, oil of oregano, etc.


There are a number of ways to treat people who have contracted the disease:  

Here is what I did when I got the virus.

  • Natural antiviral agents: elderberry, garlic, quercetin, olive leave and many others

  • Medical interventions such as hydrochloroquine, plasma from people who are immune

  • Other forms of hospital care


The third way to minimize deaths is to give people knowledge so they know how to protect themselves.  This means governments and news agencies spreading the knowledge about boosting our immune systems and remedies that help the body kill off the virus.  This is what worked for me, and it will save thousands of lives.  It is a shame that doctors are being kept from using hydrochloroquine.  In countries that use it, the death rate is about half.

However, you now know about many things you can do on your own.  Don't take a chance.  Build up your immune system, and keep some antiviral herbs on hand just in case. If this makes sense to you, pass it on.  For another article with more links go to the covid page.

Thank you,

George Bertness