How to crack this Covid-19 nut?  You recommended the chloroquine remedy; it had a 99% success rate and the backlash against it was virtually insane. (At this time, Dr. Raoul has treated 2600 patients and 2590 have survived). 

I see two causes to the problem:

1) The mainstream medical establishment has an irrational commitment to peer reviewed double blind large sample tests to arrive at a recognized cure. So, when doctors tell us there is no known cure for Covid-19, they are telling the truth in a sense. By "known cure", they mean a cure that has been established using such a study.  As a result, no company will spend millions of dollars testing remedies they cannot patent. 

2) The mainstream medical establishment often debunks a cure if they cannot make money from it. For example, Dr. Fauci knows how people can protect themselves from viral infections, but won't tell the American people.  He knew about 2 powerful vitamin remedies 4 years ago.

You need a plan that not only defeats the pandemic, but also takes the medical and media establishments into account.


1) Pass an executive order that will allow doctors to use remedies or protocols that are not officially “recognized cures” but are both safe and sensible.  This will protect the doctor from being sued for using an unapproved remedy.   The rationale:

a) While we are waiting for a "recognized cure", we still have people dying we need to save 

b) At this time, there is a shortage a pharmaceutical supplies.

c) There are millions of Americans who believe in and purchase natural remedies and are choked that remedies like chloroquine and vitamin C are not being used and they are having expensive drugs pushed on them.  (Look at the comments from the May 15 talk.)  Making inexpensive & natural cures available will bring your team massive support.

d) During this financial crisis, many Americans need a less expensive option for their healthcare. 

2) Give all citizens the right and knowledge to ask a doctor to use one of these safe and sensible remedies on them. This does not force any doctor to comply, but it empowers patients to get the treatment they want not the one that makes the medical system the most money.

Why Now?

First of all, we need to get people back to work, but many are afraid. And we know that the media is only going to make things worse.  

Secondly, we know that the media is going to say, "We told you so. You sent people back to work with no protection in place."

Thirdly, people really do need protection of some kind. My plan provides that. Since we don't have a "recognized cure", it offers the best we have, at least until a "recognized cure" is available.


  1. Vitamin D to boost people's immune system

  2. Chloroquine--Dr Raoul's protocol

  3. Vitamin C and hydrocortisone for sepsis--Dr Marik's protocol

1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D levels in Covid patients is a very significant factor in their survival. According to a study of Covid patients in April 2020:

Of the patients with only mild symptoms, 98% had adequate vitamin D--(>30 ng/ml) and only 2% had low vitamin D.  On the contrary, only 4% of those with adequate vitamin D had life threatening symptoms. 

The implications are earth shattering!! In theory, we could reduce mortality to 1/25th just by supplementing with vitamin D. Check out:

Vitamin D and Covid-19 

Vitamin D wiki

2) Chloroquine: If we would let people know how effective Dr. Raoul’s protocol was and find doctors, pharmacists or naturopaths who would be willing to prescribe it, we would cut the deaths down even more.  99.6% effectiveness is astounding, and it has been proven safe for 70 years.  Every American should have the right to this safe and sensible remedy. 

Effectiveness of Hydrochloroquine 

3) Dr. Marik’s Vitamin C and hydrocortisone: The Corona virus does not kill its victims directly.  They die of sepsis, brought on by the body’s immune response.  Once a Covid patient goes into septic shock, mortality is about 40%.  With Dr Marik's protocol, that rate drops to 8.5%.  At that point, we should make available to them Dr. Marik’s septic shock protocol.  It is simple, harmless, dirt cheap and would drop the death rate to one quarter.

Dr. Marik's Sepsis Protocol

These are not the only sensible and safe remedies, but if we got citizens to know and use these approaches, not only would we reduce deaths, but we would be able to create herd immunity very quickly with minimal deaths.

Now is the time.  During the summer, viruses are weaker and people’s immune systems re stronger, especially if we are encouraging them to go out in the sun and get exercise.  This is the time to focus on developing herd immunity.  We need to help our people develop immunity, not hide from the virus forever.  That is how we have done it since time immemorial-- by exposing ourselves to diseases so that we can strengthen ourselves against them.  Yes, we can develop vaccines and sometimes they work (about 40-60% of the time when the virus does not mutate), but restoring our vitamin D level to normal is about 98% effective.  Then, why are we not using it? In the meantime, let’s help our people every way we can.

Here are a couple of websites where you can get a help, especially with natural medicine: 

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine 

Dr. Mercola

I was hit by virus symptoms in early April.  Here is how I overcame it.

Please, consider this plan, contact a specialist in natural medicine and ask for their advice. (Mainstream medical people will not even consider it, and be opposed because it will take some of their power away.)

Thank you,

George Bertness

3) Set up a government website to which citizens can go and find a list of safe and sensible remedies. This would, of course, link to sites that provide evidence that provided evidence and that explained protocols both for home care and doctors' practice.  American citizens need a source of medical information independent of the medical establishment (part of the swamp).  For example, why aren't we told that overall American deaths are fewer than previous years? (See Article)

4) This would also need to include a database that the patient and the doctor's office would fill out in order to determine who the doctor was, what protocol was used, how effective it was and what was the total cost.  The purpose is to develop a growing record of what are the best and most cost effective approaches.

This database is the key. It can be expanded and used to evaluate the most cost effective treatments for many maladies. It would give the power back to the citizens. It would allow them to choose a treatment that was most cost effective and supplement that with home care using nutritional and exercise protocols. It would also save millions of dollars in healthcare costs. For example, if the database showed that chiropractic was cheaper and more effective for certain problems than surgery, customers could check that out and choose the protocol that is best for them even if it is not a "recognized cure".

5) Ask doctors who support natural cures to work with your team to provide a list of safe and sensible cures. You could get 100 volunteers. They would fight for the opportunity to help you with this. There are so many who are passionate about natural medicine that you would have to fight them off.

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