A Strategy to Defeat Covid-19

How can we defeat this enemy we call Covid-19?  If we are to achieve any set of goals, we need to first understand what those goals are and then find the means to achieve those goals.

Overall goals: In our fight with this virus, the final goals are:

  1. To discover remedies for the virus

  2. To discover ways to strengthen people's immune systems against the disease. 

  3. To make those solutions inexpensive so they are available to as many as possible.

  4. To disseminate the relevant knowledge to both medical personnel and the public at large.

  5. To create herd immunity in order to defeat the virus.

Each of these goals is related but separate.  Finding remedies is about helping those recover who have the disease. Strengthening people’s immune systems is about helping people develop  immunity so that they do not catch the virus or if they do, they can easily fight it off.  Making these solutions available and inexpensive is especially important for the poor.  Epidemics tend to hit hardest those who are economically depressed. 

We need to care about the poor.  Costly solutions are better than no solution at all, but, ideally we should be looking for solutions that are affordable and accessible to all. 


Goal 4 is also of great importance.  For example, in many third world countries, sickness is caused by dangerous bacteria in their water.  The greatest barrier to improving their health is their lack of knowledge.  The dissemination of health knowledge is always an important part of a health program.


How are we doing in terms of the above five goals?

1. Our medical leaders have told us that there is no known cure for the virus.  There have been dissenting voices, claiming that chloroquine and other remedies are at least partially effective, but Dr. Tam, chief medical health officer in Canada and Dr. Fauci of the Whitehouse Coronavirus team tell us they are neither safe nor effective. However,
Pharmaceutical companies are working on antivirals that they hope to be effective against covid-19, but these will undoubtedly be costly.


A Strategy Based on Medical Evidence

2. A number of companies are developing vaccines.  The purpose of vaccines is to expose the body to a weakened form of the disease so that the immune system can strengthen itself against the disease .

3. Both of the above solutions are quite costly.

4. At this point, neither the remedies nor the vaccines are ready, so there is no information to disseminate.

5. At this point, it seems that we have abandoned our goal of creating herd immunity. Instead, we are seeking to protect everybody from contacting the disease and, thus, developing immunity. Epidemiologists all agree that viruses usually continue to spread until 60%-70% of the population have contracted it, gotten over it and developed an immunity.  We presently are doing everything we can to stop our people from developing that immunity. I would like to propose another approach to achieving our goals, an approach based on medical evidence.

Imagine we already had effective remedies and vaccines? Would we do things differently?  Of course!  We would not have to worry about catching a disease for which there was no cure.  We could treat it like the annual flu that comes our way every winter.  However, we would be even better off.  We would actually have a cure. (The annual flu usually kills off 200,000 to 600,000 worldwide each year.) 

The First Piece of Good News

We have several medicinal compounds that do the job of a vaccine—they strengthen the immune system against the coronavirus.  One of the most promising is a naturally occurring hormone known as 25(OH)D.  When present in adequate amounts, this hormone greatly enhances the capacity of our immune system.  This hormone is widely accessible and in many cases is free.  It is the hormone that non-medical people call Vitamin D.  The table below shows its effectiveness against the coronavirus.

VitaminD Graph.jpg

In the far left column we see that 52% of covid patients who degenerated into critical condition, had very low vitamin D levels (below 20ng/ml), but only 4% of those who had normal levels of vitamin D (>30ng/ml).  It also shows (right column) that 98% of those who experienced mild symptoms had higher vitamin D levels. (Other studies indicate that vitamin D levels between 40 & 60 strengthen our immune system even more.) 
This explains why 4.5 times as many black Americans contract the virus than whites.  Their dark skin reduces the vitamin D they can produce from sunlight.

A second immune booster is vitamin C.  There are numerous studies that show how vitamin C strengthens our immune systems.

All of this is amazingly good news.  We don’t have to wait until they develop a vaccine because vaccines are not the only way to boost our immune system, and these means are more effective.  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention “recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population during seasons when most circulating flu viruses are well-matched to the flu vaccine.”  Let that sink in, only  40-60% at the best of times!  However, coronaviruses mutate rapidly.  Therefore, a vaccine designed to protect against the coronavirus at the beginning of the season may be ineffective against of the mutations three months later.  In other words, a vaccine that only protects us from one particular strain of one virus will do virtually nothing to create this herd immunity, even if we force everyone to take it.


Finally, there is growing evidence that vaccines often cause dangerous health problems.  This needs to be investigated before we license any vaccine to be used on the public.

A Second Piece of Good News

We also have a number of substances that have curative properties.



This is the ideal remedy to start with because it is very inexpensive and can be taken at home or used in a medical facility.  It has also already been approved and used safely around the world for seventy years.  Dr. Raoul from France has treated 2600 patients with a better than 99% success rate.  As the chart below indicates, it has saved many lives around the world. 



Yet, Dr. Fouci and Dr. Tam are telling us we should not use it. Why is there such a controversy?  It has been used safely for 70 years. Could its supposed danger be worse than the virus? 

Chlorine Dioxide

A second treatment is chlorine dioxide.  Chlorine dioxide is a disinfectant used in bottled water. A clinical trial, was done involving more than 100 patients suffering from COVID-19.  These patients were given chlorine dioxide, either orally and/or intravenously.  Patients were cured within 4 days. Chlorine dioxide. It is also inexpensive and can be taken by the patient at home.

Other Natural Cures

There are also a number of natural cures that a person can take from home such as garlic, oil of oregano, high dose vitamin C and echinacea. I have used such remedies for about 30 years.  When I got symptoms of the coronavirus in April, I used the natural remedies that I know about and within four days all my symptoms were gone.  Some may say, that is merely anecdotal evidence and not very convincing. I used those natural remedies based on 30 years of anecdotal evidence that told me they would work for me.  If you know of someone suffering from covid, get them to check out what worked for me.  This video also includes a number of helpful links.  Make it a favourite.  It may save someone's life. 

So, what is the point of all of this? 

We are in the midst of a pandemic and thousands are dying.  Solutions are available, but they are being kept from us.  Medical leaders are not telling us about them, and chloroquine is even being made illegal.  On YouTube and Facebook, any sharing of remedies is immediately censored

We need our leaders to check out these claims and make them available to the people.  We need someone with guts to stand up to medical elites and the media who seem to be working together. 


Pass this message on and let your voice be heard. (Also, check out our Cornonavirus Page.)

Thank you,

George Bertness


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