homeschool resources

Teaching your children at home can be a bit overwhelming at first.  So, here are some resources to make it easier and to help make it a wonderful experience for both you and your children.


To start with, you may be able to work together with another family, maybe someone who has homeschooled for awhile.  Two or three families might work together to create a micro-school.  Check out a local homeschool association or ask your pastor if he knows of a family that homeschools.  Homeschoolers love to help others get started.  You can register under a distance learning school.  Check out Anchor Academy or

Heritage Christian School.

Plain and Not so Plain Curriculum


This is a simple curriculum you can download for free.  This simple curriculum allows you to teach your children from home four days/week, so allows for greater flexibility.  You can also order a hard copy of a whole year of curriculum from Amazon for $25.00. This looks like a good starter curriculum.  Check it out.


Accelerated Christian Education

This curriculum has been around for over 40 years.  It has many advantages:  It is designed so that the student can work independently, thus requiring less involvement by the parent.  It also provides a free diagnostic test for each student so that you can start them in each subject at the level that best suits them.  For example, if a child in grade 5 has missed some grade 3 math skills, you can identify that and work on any weaknesses they need to strengthen. Check it out

Robinson Self-teaching Curriculum

This 12-year complete curriculum is designed to help the students teach themselves.  This has worked for thousands of students.  It is particularly valuable for parents who have little time or feel uneasy about teaching.  The curriculum places a strong emphasis on quality education and quality books.  School time: about five hours/day.  Cost: $195 to download grades 1-12. Check it out. Watch Dr. Robinson's video.  You will be impressed.

Library Resources

Homeschool students do not have access to physical school libraries. Fortunately, there are ways to fill that gap. The Universal School Library is a collection of fiction and non-fiction books curated by a national advisory group of schools librarians, educators, and researchers. With more than 2,000 books available, the collection is meant to promote academic, cultural, and career literacy.

The Open Library project also has a Student Library, with thousands of books organized by reading level available for grades K-12. For more collections of literature, nonfiction, and multimedia geared towards children, check out the Kid-Friendly Resource Guide.

Resources for Teaching Christian Values 

The Christendom Homeschool Curriculum—This new curriculum not only teaches Christian values, but it is also designed to expose and counter the secular and anti-Christian values that are being taught everywhere in our culture.  Use as a complete curriculum or to supplement other curricula. Check it out.

Hanna Barbara The Greatest Adventure Bible stories on YouTube (free)

Superbook: Bible story series on YouTube (free)

Books about our Christian heritage/Christian heroes

Christian Heroes Gift Set (books)

Books by Louise A. Vernon on Christian history

Christian history is essential to help children develop a Christian identity & worldview Their online catalogue has hundreds of Christian science resources for children, teens and adults.  Click on 'Resources' for access to their DVD lending library and their online catalogue.

Parents United Canada

I have left the best for last.  On their website, this Christian ministry has an Educational Choices page(‘Educational Choices interview’ is very informative.)  By calling the number on this page, a parent can get help with educational options.  They also have a number of volunteers with a wealth of experience, that can provide homeschool parents with advice and support.  Check them out, even if you are not sure you want to homeschool.
Also, ask them about their upcoming network of church based micro-schools.


Please pray about these options.  Your children are so precious, and providing them teaching that encourages their faith is one of the most important things you can do for them.