Red Pilled


Is it possible that our picture of the world is fundamentally skewed?  If we want to be agents of truth, but our perceptions are themselves wrong, we could end up doing more harm than good.  In 1917 a group of idealistic Bolsheviks overthrew the corrupt Russian aristocracy and introduced a new Soviet government.  Despite their good intentions, these Bolsheviks brought into power the most evil and brutal regime the world had ever known.  The resulting USSR ended up killing tens of millions of its own citizens and enslaved, imprisoned and tortured many millions more.

The Big Picture


Western Society is being influenced by a number of groups that have sought to fill our society with their values and their worldview.  Below are two of the most influential.

  • The Frankfurt School How come our society abandoned traditional, mostly Christian values?  Because of the hard work of this group.

These two Marxist groups have gained considerable influence in our universities, our schools, Hollywood and the mainstream news media.  They have slowly, over the decades, reshaped our values, and most of us are unaware.  We are like fresh water fish, little by little moving into salt water.  We don't notice it because it has become the norm.

The Really Big Picture

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How Else Could We See our World?

How does our worldview make a difference? (our concept of reality)  It effects every part of our lives:

  • Our understanding of who we are

  • Our understanding of our life purpose

  • It provides the foundation of our morals.