Should I Take the Jab?

Our media say


Other voices say


Guidelines to Follow When Facing a Controversy  

1. Listen to both sides.

2. Ask who is most trustworthy

3. Avoid what is unsafe.

4. Ask if it's necessary

Is the Vaccine Necessary?

Listen to what an expert says.

Listen to Both Sides

Earlier this week I was talking with a friend about the covid shots and I mentioned one of the supposed side effects.  She is a very intelligent woman and said that we should not base our assessment on just a few anecdotal but rare incidents.

Given the information she had encountered, that was a very reasonable response.


(Not her fault)


This page will present the other side, so you can make an intelligent decision.

Which Side is Most Trustworthy ?

Ask yourself:

Will either side make a profit by telling their side of the story?

Does the spokesperson have the credentials to address this issue?

Has either side knowingly lied about any part of the story?

Has either side proved themselves dishonest in the past?

Is it Safe?

Here are some links that highlight the dangers of the covid jab.

Death rate 90 Times Higher than Flu Vaccine

354,000 Injuries in Europe (by Apr 24)

It is Causing Bad Reactions

Warning by Top Research Scientist

Possible Long Term Effects

It is Causing our Blood to Clump

Is the the Injection Necessary?

Covid is not dangerous for the vast majority of people

Infection Survival rate

0-19    99.9997%

20-49  99.98%

50-69  99.5%

70+     94.6%

Anyone under 50 years of age without significant co-morbidities is not at risk.  Is it morally defensible to risk the health of people with an untested drug when they are not at risk from the disease it is supposed to treat? 


Covid has not caused any significant rise in the overall death rate in Canada.

According to Diverge Media, Canada has not seen any significant increase in overall mortality in 2020.  They say:

All cause mortality is slightly up in 2020 compared to previous years, but that doesn't  mean covid is entirely to blame.


When we take into account the increase in drug overdose deaths and the deaths caused by the hardships and isolation of the lock-downs, there is almost no difference in the overall mortality rate from previous years.

None of the covid jabs are effective

A survey of countries around the world shows that death rates actually increase after the vaccinations start.

There are prophylactics and cures that are far more effective than the vaccine.

In summary, check all these links out.  Once you look at both sides of the issue, you can decide.


If you are not sure, wait to see if the jab causes the problems this article indicates are likely.  If this article is wrong and the jab is harmless, you have lost nothing and you have not harmed yourself or your children.  If you get covid, use the remedies on the covid page and you will be fine and have life long immunity.  Especially, protect your children.  Do not let anyone jab them until a couple years have passed and the vaccines have been proven to be safe.  You, and especially your children are precious.

God bless you,

George Bertness