Should I Take the Vaccine?

Western governments and news media say TAKE IT

Most Scientists say it is


How Do You Make That Decision? 

Ask yourself: 

What is the big picture?

Is the vaccine Safe?

Is it necessary?

Are there better alternatives?

What is the Big Picture

If we are going to solve a problem, we need to understand the big picture.  Years ago, I was tutoring an elementary school student, teaching him to read.  He was using a book that had an answer key so he could check his work.  The boy asked to take the book home.  When he got home, all he did was copy the answers from the answer key without doing the work. 

He was confused about the big picture.  He thought the objective was to fill in the blanks.  The real objective was to get experience and skill by figuring out the answers for himself.  He thought he had discovered an easy way to solve his problem.  He wasted all that effort filling in the blanks because he did not understand the big picture.

Check out this page.  It will give you THE BIG PICTURE

Is the Vaccine Safe

Here are some links that highlight the dangers of the vaccine.

Death rate of covid vaccine 100 times higher than flu vaccine

It Can Cause a Bad Reaction

Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxon

Dr. Lee Merrit

Israeli News

Is the Vaccine Necessary?

Listen to what an expert says.

Are there Better Alternatives?

I promised in the 'Is the Vaccine Safe' section that I would say how the risks of covid could be reduced enormously.

If you have looked at the links above, you will realise by now that trying to isolate yourself from a virus does not work in the long run.  Viruses are like pollen.  They spread everywhere, but since they are far smaller, they are almost impossible to filter out.  The diameter of a covid virus is 0.1 micron.  The gaps in a surgical mask are about 150 microns.  That means 1500 viruses can be put end to end and pass through the gaps in a mask.

The second reason isolation techniques do not work long term is that humans need viruses and germs in order to strengthen their immune systems.  It is like isolating yourself from exercise.  Yes, we get bruises and broken bones from playing sports, but exercise is what makes and keeps us strong.  Germs and viruses keep our immune systems strong.  (Remember how "The War of the Worlds" ended.)

Instead of trying to isolate ourselves from pathogens, we need to strengthen our body so it can fight off the pathogens.  There are three ways to do that:


1. Make sure our immune systems are not compromised because of lack of nutrition.  In simple terms, take vitamins A, C, & D and zinc.

2. Use supplements that provide an extra boost to our immune systems, such as echinacea and oil of oregano.

3. When we get sick, use remedies that kill viruses and germs such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and antibiotics.

The Covid page and the Coronavirus page on this website address these things in greater detail.  Read them carefully and make sure to use these proven approaches. 


I urge you to, at all costs, avoid taking the risk of this mRNA injection until is has been proven safe.  And, by all means, protect your children from this vaccine.  Covid is virtually zero risk to children but the vaccine is a huge risk.