What is Causing the Covid Surge
in the Middle of Summer?


Shortly after the roll out of the covid 'vaccines' in January 2020 there was a surge in covid cases and deaths.  The death rate in the first quarter of 2021 was significantly higher than 2020.  This was noticed by many funeral home directors.

This surge in deaths was worldwide.


Now we are being told that the deaths are surging again in the middle of summer.  Supposedly, this is because of a new variant—the Delta variant.  This explanation does not  fit with basic epidemiology. or virology

The evidence also does not match this theory because the majority of “covid patients” are ‘vaccinated’.

The most vaccinated island on earth is Gibraltar, 99% vaccinated.   There has been a 2500% increase in cases.

Iceland, one of the most vaccinated countries on earth, has just experienced a huge spike in cases in the middle of summer.

Florida, same story

At This Point, You May Be Starting to Doubt
the Story they have been Feeding Us.


  1. According to the CDC, the covid injection does not stop people from being infected.

  2. Nor does it prevent the vaxxed from passing covid on to others. Reference

  3. After a few months, the antibodies created by the injections become much weaker.

  4. At that point the patient becomes immune compromised and is in danger of succumbing to even weak infections.

  5. As the antibodies weaken, the patient may experience adverse reactions to the shot.  These adverse reactions closely match the symptoms of getting covid.  The doctors think it is covid, but it is merely a reaction to the shot.  Sometimes these reactions are just as serious as covid itself.

In other words, based on what we know, covid is surging now because of the vaccines.

A SECOND THEORY--The supposed covid surge in the middle of summer is exaggerated.

Why would anyone believe that?

  1. It is very rare for epidemics to surge in the summer.

  2. The medical establishment has been lying to us about everything else.

  3. They want to sell the booster shot

  4. Thousands of doctors, scientists and reporters are warning people about the dangers of the injections, so they want to get one more shot in before people finally wake up.

According to this theory, there is no surge of covid deaths in the summer.  It is made up to sell booster shots.


  • The medical establishment will continue to blame a variant or the unvaccinated.

  • They will keep pushing the booster shot and vaccinating children

  • They will introduce a covid passports everywhere they can.

  • This passport will allow them to take freedoms away from the unvaccinated.

  • Their goal is to make this passport into a ‘convenient’ bank card tied to the worldwide central banks.

  • This passport will eventually become the only form of money.  This will allow for a totalitarian rule that keeps track of and controls all of our spending—like the social credit system in China. 


For more on this, see Del Bigtree's interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.